When I was a kid I had a tackle box full of rocks, shells, loose ninja turtle parts, etc.. I could open it up and be immersed in all my stuff. Nowadays I organize my stuff into nice rectilinear compartments right here. Some of the animation you see is done in collaboration with other great artists but for the most part I tried to pick out stuff that is designed, modeled, lit, comped, and occasionally animated myself.

And if you're a nerd and wondering what tools I use; I work mainly in Maya or 3DS Max, while rendering in VRay or Arnold, and I comp in AE.

If you want a new friend email me at gabeaskew [at] gmail.


A look back at the past few years of work with my Hornet Inc family. Love ma buddies.

Trail Mix is a short by Hornet Inc and myself. This originated as a pitch for a kids show.


This is a fan video I did for Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks." I did this video by myself at home, all alone....[single tear]. I sent it to my friends and was surprised when it began to get attention on some fancy pants websites. Just do what you love kids. Don't think to much about it.


Goat & Aaron is an ephemeral short about me and my bro. I laid in bed one California Winter morning and watched the dust twinkling in a shaft of light from the window. A stream of illustrations came to me which I jotted down. I tied them together with a memory of my brother and I hiking like we used to do all the time.

He's much uglier in real life.


This animation, titled "I Got," is an interlude within Sebastian Talavera's documentary "The Road to Nahr Al Bared."

We hear on the news about people in far off places living in violent conflict. They're mostly just families trying to define a home while they can.


This is a spot I did for the Columbia Water Center (an organization within Columbia University). They work on water problems in struggling areas around the world. You can see some creative influence from that old tackle box I had as a kid.

Produced at Hornet alongside the creative agency Good/Corps.