Having issues with The Pelt of Trump? First of all, I'm sorry! This is my first game and I'm still learning. But that's not your problem, that's mine. If you don't see a solution to your problem in the FAQ at the bottom, please use the form below to message me directly. Try to remember what was happening when the problem occurred and let me know what device you are playing on. Thanks.




Q: I keep having crashes.

A: I know is is an annoying answer, but have you reset your device lately? Sometimes powering off a device and turning it back on can make things work again. On most devices you do this by holding down the power button for five seconds until a "Power Off" option appears.


Q: How do I beat the frog thing?

A: You must feed him four fists. It doesn't matter how strong the chain is, four fist and he'll pop!


Q: My friend has a higher score. And I hate him/her. Any tips?

First, use that hand button at the bottom of the screen vigorously, don't waste time searching for the perfect chain. Also, when you collect coins they earn you items at the top of the screen that are great for saving your butt at the last minute.


Q: I don't know who to vote for.

A: Tell me about it. Our country is in real trouble.