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The Pelt of Trump is not meant to be a serious discussion on politics. It's just silly game about punching a silly man.

That being said, here are my own personal thoughts on this election year.

As much as it may seem so, a President does not make legislation. So what is a president's true power? It is in influencing our culture. The president is like our mascot and our image affects our behavior. Do lobbyists have too much power? Yes. Do we spend too much money intervening in conflicts all over the world? Yes. But can a president change that? No, they don't make policy, congress does. These issues will not be resolved by electing Donald Trump.

As I said, a president's true power is in influencing our culture. And in my life time I would have never fathomed that we Americans would stand by and let a man validate hate towards non-white races, hate towards non-christian religions, and validate the demeaning of women. Some might shrug his comments off as just politically incorrect. But legitimately having a problem with a class of people is hate. That kind of hate was compressed at the bottom of our melting pot and it has now been stirred up into the main. We can change our laws with or without Trump, but we can not let hate spread.

With that bit of seriousness out of the way, let's get back to our silly games.  -Gabe